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Welcome 2024!

· 2 min read

Happy New Year!

This Was been abandoned for a good 3.5 years. It took quite an effort to get this up and running. I was on Docusaurus v2.0, decided to upgrade to v3.0. Broke the commenting feature in the process. I haven't touched a docusaurus based project for a very long time. I just realised retrospectively, that I created this space for me when I was between jobs back in mid 2020, and I am doing the same in late 2023!

So what happened between Aug 2020 and now? Well, a lot. I cannot share the entirety of it, but here's the gist.

  1. Got my final degree certificate. (Was supposed to graduate in 2016, graduated in Jan 2020, got the certificate later that year)
  2. Read about 100+ books. (Check out the recommended section for my top picks)
  3. Worked at a series B startup (in the location tracking like space, again), learnt a lot under a very supportive manager. Got promoted (first time in my career).
  4. Got hooked on to the Second Brain culture, and OKRs.
  5. Worked at a late stage company's platform team (superapp based out of Indonesia), survived 2 different rounds of layoffs and calls for RTO.

...And a lot more things.


I am on the look out for my next role. I am looking for something long term at a place with good IC path. I'd prefer to work in the enterprise software space, but any role in a challenging domain would also be a good fit. Reach out to me over mail to take this further.

What to look for from this space?

As mentioned in my very first blog post, I cannot make any promises, but let me try to do this once in a month. I have a bunch of ideas on where I want to take this. I read a enough technical & non-fictional books to publish my own notes on them, tech interview culture, personal productivity, obsidian-based PKM and a lots more.

Until next time.