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Hello World

ยท 2 min read

Welcome to this blog.

This is not a test post.

I recently made this transition to my website from being a static site to something more. I wanted a place where I could log my thoughts, talk about books that I'm reading (been reading a lot lately) and code I want to share openly.

There are a lot of changes I really love about this setup. Firstly, I got to hack an off-the-shelf tool to build it (doing that for the second time). Secondly, I am really thrilled to get my own books page. Goodreads as a social media is cool, but then there aren't a lot of people using it. This blog will also give me a way to share my on views on some of the books I really enjoyed reading them.

Lastly docusaurus is great for sharing programming experiences too. ๐Ÿ™‚

console.log("LOVE THEM CODEBLOCKS!");

How can you help ?

  • I am a really clumsy at typing. So please let me know if there are tpyos. (Better off, send PR's!)
  • I intend to add more posts/tutorials on a periodical basis. (Atleast once in a month, no promises but will definitely give it a try) SEND SUGGESTIONS.

I do not have a Long Term plan as of now. Personally, I am dealing with a lot of changes, and I cannot commit to a lot at the moment. But here are some of the things I want to fix sooner than later.

  • [ ] Fix landing page, get a roadmap for the same
  • [ ] Figure out a way to add comments to posts
  • [ ] Plan next 3 posts (2 technical, 1 book review maybe?)
  • [ ] Add github action to deploy on push to master

Ciao ๐Ÿ‘‹